Extended – Due Dates Companies Act, 2013


In this editorial author shall discuss all the extended due dates by Ministry of Corporate Affairs due to CoVID 19 and other amendments under Companies Act, 2013

S. No. Particular Extended Due Dates/ Effective Date
A.       EGM – through Video Conferencing 30th June, 2021
B.       Passing of Resolution restricted in Rule 4 through Video Conferencing Board Meeting 30th June, 2021
C.        Annual General Meeting through Video Conferencing 31st December, 2021
D.       CARO – 2020 – effective from 01st April, 2021
E.        Auditors Report (Except Clause g) 01st April, 2021
F.        Auditors Report (Clause g) 01st April, 2022
G.       Schedule III 01st April, 2021
H.       New Disclosures in Directors Report 01st April, 2021
I.          Audit Trail Software 01st April, 2022
J.          CSR-1 01st April, 2021
K.       Small Company (New Definition) 01st April, 2021
L.        Amendment in OPC 01st April, 2021


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