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by CS Divesh Goyal

I am sincerely acknowledged for the appreciation I have received as a speaker from J. B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of The ICAI for a Virtual Study Circle Meeting held on Sunday, 16th August 2020.The Meeting was participated by more than 400 Chartered Accountants and it was indeed a learning activity for me by unlocking more than 150 queries.

Also, I count myself very fortunate as I captured this startling opportunity to share some words of wisdom with the Vice President of ICAI, CA Nihar Jambusaria Ji.

Thank you J. B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of The ICAI for the confidence you have ingrained in me.I will constantly try to deliver the best of my knowledge.

Thank you Gurugram branch of NIRC OF ICAI for acknowledging the efforts and work I have delivered in a webinar.
It was a learning experience for me as the webinar was packed with interesting queries. Thank you all who have attended and made it worth investing my time.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”. 


It’s an absolute honour to be recognised for the hard work you have put in for the betterment of your profession. 

I am pleased as punch for receiving the certificate for providing Honorary Academic Services for the efforts for uplifting the CS fraternity. Thank you NIRC of the ICSI for honouring me with the certificate and to everyone who is supporting me in achieving my purpose.

A quick Run-through of simultaneous webinars addressed by me in the foregoing days.

  1. 28th July 2020- A Webinar organised by Gurgaon Chapter of ICAI on the topic Amendment in Companies Act due to CoVID 19 and CFSS.
  2. 28th July 2020- A Webinar organised by Ludhiana Chapter of NIRC of ICSI on the topic ‘Form-PAS-6’.
  3. 29th July 2020- A Webinar organised by Varanasi Chapter of NIRC of ICSI on the topic Provisions and Critical Aspects of e-form PAS – 6 – Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit report.

29th July 2020- A Webinar organised by- West Delhi Study Circle of NIRC of ICAI on the topic Recent Amendment in Companies Act, Relaxations due to COVID and Exposure in MSME.

Thank you, members, who have attended the webinar and showing your interest in the topics covered.

Sharing my knowledge always shows out to be learning assimilation process for me, I am highly overwhelmed.

Many more to come.


Sight of the last two webinars addressed by me in August 2020.

  1. 8th August 2020- A Webinar organised by Ambala Branch of NIRC of ICAIalong with Patiala Branch and Kurukshetra Branch on the topic-Annual Compliance for Private Limited Companies and Latest Amendment in the Companies Act.
  2. 11th August 2020-A Webinar organised by Southern India Chartered Accountants’ Students Association of ICAI (SICASA)on the topic- “ROC Filings for beginners”.

I look forward to bringing you even more in the future.